To provide an excellent plus (E+) Real Estate Service to our
esteemed customers who will stand us out in the country’s Real
Estate Market.


We are committed to consistently provide high quality Real Estate Services. Through the teamwork of a highly motivated workforce, having the capacity to respond fast to changing environment. Being a good corporate citizen recognized for high professional and ethical standards.


We are a company of Estate Surveyors and Valuers in Nigeria Real Estate Industry delivering strong and highly competitive brands to our esteemed customers across the country. Our focus is to at all times provide only excellent service nut to always add plus (+) to our excellence in order to be ahead of our competitors who provide excellent services.

In Kunle Ogunlusi & Associates (KOA) we attach high premium to teamwork which is an important factor in the efficient management and maintenance of the national housing stock. For about two decades, there have been skyrocketing building material prices, which make the cost of property delivery very high, and a capital-intensive venture. As a result of this, the increase in population is not matched by a proportionate increase in the national housing stock. There is the need to therefore lay emphasis on an excellent plus management and maintenance of our existing stock of housing and the provided facilities.

Among other we strive to:
I. Deliver promptly on all the promises made to our clients.
II. Secure the investment of our esteemed clients

We are well trained and positioned professionally to realize the above stated objectives. Our surveyors are all University/Polytechnic trained estate surveyors who are well grounded in the practice of real estate having qualified from various institutions with 5-12 years experience. We have no other calling than the provision of real estate services and it is our focus to always make the dream of an investor/client achievable through scientific approach to real estate management.


As a growing business, we have in KOA people with diverse range of skills in all the areas of Real Estate service provision and strong professional competence, which are the source of our strength to overcome the challenges in the contemporary dynamic real estate business environment. We have self confident, esteemed and highly motivated staff who driven with the passion to always achieve our mission of provision of excellent plus (E+) service. Our special corporate culture creates a working environment where our employees find personal fulfillment, which is a necessary condition for the corporate fulfillment.

This personal fulfillment cuts across our levels of structure-core professional, support professionals, secretary, office assistants, clerks, drivers etc. our staff are well trained to consistently provide our (E+) services that will make our esteemed customers to come back.